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  Strictly Ballroom Mission 

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Mission Statement:  

     The mission of Strictly Ballroom is to offer individuals the opportunity to experience the joy and learn the benefits of ballroom dancing in a friendly and safe environment.

Goals of Strictly Ballroom:

     1.  To offer individuals the opportunity to learn ballroom dancing in a safe, friendly environment with a qualified professional dancer.

     2.  To meet the individual needs of our clients by offering dancing opportunities such as:

          A.  Dance parties     

          B.  Group classes

          C.  "Bubble" classes

          D.  Showcases

          E.  Competitions

          F.  Social Dance Club Membership

     3.  Create a dance studio with a warm, supportive family atmosphere where individuals can find friendly, caring people with whom to dance.

     4.  Provide a safe social and an enjoyable entertaining environment for people of diverse interests, backgrounds, and ages to express themselves through dance.

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