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"Bubble" Classes

     Join our new "Bubble" class for you, your friends, and family members.  This is the opportunity to learn ballroom dancing with friends and family in a safe environment.  The "Bubble" class includes five group classes for 4-6 individuals or 2-3 couples for only $450.  For more information, please contact us at 918-493-2623.


     Everyone loves to show or demonstrate their learned ballroom dance skills.  This allows students to chance to perform and helps build their confidence in ballroom dancing.  So, we offer our students the opportunity to perform at a Friday night dance party.  We choreograph a routine to a song they enjoy and then the audience (at a Friday Night Party) gets to enjoy a wonderful performance by one of the studio's dance students.  How fun is that!  Students get to perform, which is fun in itself, and you are entertained at a great dance party.  WOW!  If interested in performing or being part of the audience, contact us at 918-493-2623.

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     Here's another fantastic way to show your dancing talents and skills.  Competitions are very goal-oriented and challenging.  So, if you like to challenge yourself, travel, and meet other dancers like yourself, then competition is just the thing for you.  Competitions allow individuals to perform and compete with other dancers in a fun and exciting environment.  It is your chance to compete and become your best.  There are always competitions in which to participate located in amazing places around the United States and even the world.  If interested in becoming a serious dance competitor, then contact us at 918-493-2623 for more information. 

Social Dance Club

     The Social Dance Club is in the planning stages and will be ready to go in a month or two.  Keep in touch to learn the updated details.  For a monthly fee, you can become a member of our exciting and new Social Dance Club.  As a member you will enjoy a fun outing each month as well as special events planned just for the members.  Dance hosts will be provided.  

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