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Welcome to Strictly Ballroom

Whether you already love ballroom dancing as much as we do or you're just piquing your curiosity, this site's for you. Our principal instructors have been teaching ballroom dancing professionally for over 60 years combined. You don't do anything for that long without a passion for it!

At Strictly Ballroom, we celebrate the elegance of social ballroom dancing. We appreciate the art form that ballroom dancing is, and the time and training it takes to get really good at it. We were all beginners once and know personally the positive impacts ballroom dancing can have in your life, and the highs and lows of developing your dance skills along the way. This blog is aimed to be a joyful online extension of our studio. We want this to be an inspiring and informative resource for you as you dive in to your own passion for ballroom dancing, and become the kind of dancer you want to be. Welcome!

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