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Events happening at Strictly Ballroom

Summertime Dance Lessons

School is out and we have just the thing for you to do this summer.  Try something new and exciting.  Join one of our group classes and learn ballroom dancing.  

Dance #16.jpg

Group Class for young students:

         Ages 8-11

         Begins Wednesday, June 7th  

         Time:  10-11 AM

Group Class for young teens:

      Ages 12-14

      Begins Wednesday, June 7th

      Time:  11-noon

Group Class for Young Adults:

      Ages:  15-18

      Begins Wednesday, June 7th

      Time:  1-2 PM

Interested????   Contact us at 918-493-2623 to sign up for your group class. The instructor of the classes will be Ms. Heather.  You will learn rhyme ballroom dances during the month of June and smooth ballroom dances during the month of July.  You may participate in June dance lessons, July dance lessons, or both.  Everyone will also be performing during the last Friday Night Dance each month.  Cost is $100 each month.  We look forward to seeing each of you and sharing our love of dance with you.  

Dance #32.png


     Benefits of Ballroom Dancing:

1.  Meet new people and make new friends.

2.  Great for the heart and lungs.

3.  Good for everyone mentally, physically, and emotionally.

4.  Great Exercise.

5.  A wonderful chance to learn something new.

6.  You can dance the rest of your life.  

Call today and join us in learning ballroom dancing.

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