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Free Entry to a Friday Night Dance

Christmas Time Special Offer

The last couple of years have been difficult and challenging for everyone.  We've

dealt with Covid 19, deaths of loved ones, natural disasters throughout the world,

man-made disasters, and the regular day-to-day challenges we face in life.  We all,

at times, just want to throw up our hands  and give up.  But we keep

placing one foot in front of the  other and keep on going.

That's all we can do.  We lean on our family and friends for support to

help us through these troubling times.    We definitely need to remember to

lean on God, who is always there and will never forsake us.  He alone can help

all of us survive and continue to grow into remarkable

         individuals during this time of chaos and confusion in this world.     


Here at Strictly Ballroom we can't solve all your issues or make everything in your

life perfect.   Wish we could, but like you, we are only human and face our

own challenges in life.  However, we can support you and care about you.  We can

offer you a relaxing place to come socialize and dance.  We have a safe place

where you can temporarily escape the problems and difficulties in your life.  We can

teach you dance moves to help you shake off all those troubles and play music

that can make you smile and calm even the most savage beast in your life.   


During this holiday season and until Christmas we are giving you the opportunity to

attend a Friday Night Dance Party for free.  If you've never been to

Strictly Ballroom, just copy the special offer on this page and bring it with you

when you come to the studio on Friday.  You will receive free entry into the

Friday Night Dance. This is your chance to try something new that will hopefully

enrich your life.  We look forward to seeing you

                                      on the dance floor at Strictly Ballroom.                                        

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