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           Welcome to Strictly Ballroom
Where everyone is welcome to share their love of dance.

     Who am I?  Nothing unusual or unique, just someone who works hard, meets challenges in life, and tries to stay positive and optimistic.  I retired after enjoying the privilege of teaching thirty-six years in the public school system.  But, like so many people who retire, I like to stay busy and have variety in my life.  I find everything I do both enjoyable and rewarding.  I am one who can always find more to do, if only I have and can make the time.  I had taken ballroom dance lessons at Strictly Ballroom for a few years and then the opportunity arose for me to become move involved and finally the owner of Strictly Ballroom.

     Even as far back as I can remember, dancing and music have been something I have not only found fun, but they have always given me lots of pleasure.  As a six or seven year old, i went dancing every Saturday with my Grandma at a Country dance.  I danced the Country 2-step with my sisters and even led the "bunny hop" with my Grandma.  It was awesome and I wore a purple dress with banjos and violins that I considered my "dancing dress".

     I even, like many little girls, took ballet and tap dancing for a year or two.  Have to admit the tap dancing class was by far my favorite.  It was thrilling, especially making all the noise with the tap shoes.  Tap, tap, tap around the floor I would go, not necessarily in time or with the others, but GOLLY -what fun!

     Then in college, I learned to square dance and like always I thoroughly enjoyed everything about it - the music, the turns, the movement, the twirls, the swirling dresses.  Because there were usually more ladies than gentlemen at the dances, several of us became very proficient in dancing both parts.  This, of course, allowed us to dance more.  The only difficult part was remembering who was dancing the gentleman's part when you had a square of eight ladies.  Wow - that could be challenging. 

     Ballroom dancing was something new for me.  The music, the turns, the movement, the dancing with wonderful people just all added to the charm and glamour of ballroom dancing.  Now that I am here at Strictly Ballroom, I want to share the joy and magic of dancing with everyone.  Dancing can make one feel better both physically and emotionally.  Tapping your feet and moving to the music can put a smile on your face and brighten even your worst day.

     So join our dancing family at Strictly Ballroom to either learn how to ballroom dance or show off the talent and skills you already possess.  You will find a beautiful venue, friendly people, and a safe environment to socialize and enjoy the amazing experience of dancing.  

Yvonne Mears

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